Meet Shiayli Toni'14

My name is Shiayli Toni and I am proud to say that I graduated from Notre Dame in 2014. I am one of the fortunate students that was accepted to


 Notre Dame on a bursary. My family was not in the financial position to send me away for school so I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the generosity of donors, I would not have been able to attend this great school. I would not have received the same opportunities and I may not be where I am today - attending UBC and playing hockey for the Thunderbirds. I know any success I see in the future began with Notre Dame and someone’s choice to give.

And that’s why I give. I want to be the reason why someone has the opportunity to attend Notre Dame. As a student, I am only making small monthly donations but I know that my gift, along with small gifts of others, will make a difference in a Hound’s life.

While attending Notre Dame, you are provided with a strong support system of staff, faculty and students. I have learned that being a Hound doesn’t end when you graduate. I made lifelong friends at Notre Dame but I have also been embraced by the ND Alumni as a new alumna. I find comfort knowing that support system still exists outside of Wilcox.

To ensure we are growing this strong network of Hounds, it’s important that we continue to support each other. By creating a culture of giving, we can offer others the same opportunities we received. 

Shiayli Toni'14
Vancouver, BC


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