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 Welcome Alberta Hounds, 

The Notre Dame Alberta Alumni was established as a registered non-profit society in 1983. The early goal of the alumni group was to create an opportunity for Alberta-based Hounds to connect, while also keeping past-students up to date on what is happening at the college. The primary objectives of the Notre Dame Alberta Alumni are:

1. Referring students to Notre Dame
2. Attending chapter/school events and building the Notre Dame brand
3. Raising funds for Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Alberta Alumni Association is actively involved in raising funds for bursaries and to support major projects at Notre Dame. The alumni participates in licensed gaming events and also runs special events to raise funds. 

Notre Dame Alberta Alumni Bursary Program was established to recognize and reward academic achievement and encourage students to continue in post-secondary studies.

For more information on the bursary program and to Apply Online (CLICK HERE)

Alberta Alumni Association President: 
Kevin Blanchette 
Phone: 403-607-1156
Email: [email protected]

Recent Events

- BS Session with Bear and Mo in Calgary, October 5, 2017 (View Pics)

- Hounds Hockey Weekend, Bill Mooney Cup, July 21, 2017 (View Pics)

- Alberta Alumni Association AGM in Calgary, June 27, 2017 (View Pics) 




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