Angi McGarry'80 - A Family of Hounds

The McGarry's never passed up an opportunity to support the Hounds. Angi's parents, with a combined 62 years of service to Notre Dame sent all five of their children to Notre Dame. Many of the next generation of McGarry children also continued the tradition of graduating as Hounds. 




Notre Dame has always been a big part of Angi McGarry's life. She was destined to be a Hound at a very young age. 

Within a year of immigrating to Canada, her father, Terry McGarry, moved their family to Wilcox. Soon after, he was introduced to Pere and the two gentlemen struck up a friendship for the ages. Growing up, both Angi's parents worked at Notre Dame and gave years of loyal service to the College. Her father's ND career spanned over four decades (42 years) and her mother, Phill, worked at the College for more than 20 years. All five of the McGarry children graduated from Notre Dame. Angi, herself, spent three great years at Notre Dame; graduating in 1980. Angi's son and several of her nieces and cousins have also attended Notre Dame over the years. She truly comes from a family of Hounds. 

"I could write a book on memories of Notre Dame" says Angi. "My favorite tradition is coming back to Notre Dame on a fan bus singing the Victory March on the four mile road with the windows down." 

Angi still cherishes her experience with the Notre Dame Canadians. At that time, it was under the guidance of the beloved Choral Director, Roy Franklin, whose passionate and caring nature created a welcoming environment for all his students. With 68 members, he oversaw the largest choral group in ND history. Angi recalls Roy's ability to bring the best out in all students and remembers the closeness, comradery and self-discipline needed to work and perform harmoniously. The lessons they learned guided them through adolescence and truly prepared them for adulthood. 

Angi fondly remembers the two old red and white buses, Josephine and Clarence, which were used to haul the Canadians around for their performances. She will never forget the immense sense of pride she felt closing every choral performance with the Notre Dame Prayer and Victory March. 

In addition to choral, hockey was also a big part of Angi's life. She proudly remembers being one of three girls to first play hockey in Saskatchewan. At that time there was no female hockey league so her coach, Maurice Metz, had to obtain special permission from the league to allow the girls to play on the boys' teams. She genuinely enjoyed her experience and made every minute worth it. 

The McGarry's never passed up an opportunity to support the Hounds. On one occasion, the family was making signs to cheer on the Midget AAA's at the Air Canada Cup (now the Telus Cup) in Winnipeg and Angi saw her father scribe "Hounds Have Heart" on their bristle board. It was the first time Angi ever experienced these three words. Today, these words resonate with many Hounds and continue to be a daily mantra for Angi. Pere supported this statement with his every action. He believed that adversity would strengthen students' character and, for this reason, was confident that his Hounds would never lose heart. A reference to this motto can still be found in Duncan McNeill Arena. 

Angi values her experience at Notre Dame and the impact Pere had on her life. Undoubtedly why she cherishes the time she spent with Pere. It may have been Pere's keen interest in conversation or his charismatic personality but Angi often found herself looking forward to the days where she brought Pere his mail. With every visit, they would chat and she would admire one of the paintings that hung on his wall. She was intrigued by the of image of a young boy with golden locks - even more so when she learned that this young boy was in fact Pere as a child. 

Not only is Angi a Notre Dame alumnus and former staff member (having previously worked as a House Parent), she is also the newly elected President of the Saskatchewan Alumni Chapter. Angi attributes her involvement with Notre Dame to her genuine love for the Hounds. She believes in our Hounds, Pere's vision, legacy and the future of Notre Dame. 


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