Prairie Boy Hits International Homerun

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Prairie Boy Hits International Homerun



Michael Stephen Yoshino, or better known as “Yosh” to fellow Hounds, grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Graduating from Notre Dame in 1991, he spent the following year living as a Junior A in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. 

Now the founding partner of Pleiad Investment Advisors, a Hong Kong based hedge fund, Michael Yoshino lives in Hong Kong with his beautiful wife and their two young children.

Although he may be oceans away furthering his career and raising his family, Notre Dame is never far from his heart.

Michael values each experience Notre Dame provided him over the years and is grateful for the friendships he made with others in the dorms.

Perhaps his most memorable experience was recovering from a devastating injury.  Upon returning to the Midget AAA team, Bear (Barry Mackenzie) sat Yoshino down for some tough love.  Bear, not being one to coddle the boys, says “Yosh – get off your bench, stop moping around and get back out there before I kick your ass!” Yoshino learned a valuable life lesson that day that he has since carried with him - not to give up and always get back up after being knocked down – struggle and emerge. 

“Notre Dame really taught me how to handle and overcome adversity” said Yoshino.  

When asked what advice he would offer to current Hounds, Yoshino stated: “You are blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend Notre Dame. The ND experience will provide you not only with many lifelong lessons and friendships, but it also can open many doors – make the most of this. 

This advice in undoubtedly why Yoshino first became a donor. He wanted to give back to Notre Dame and show his appreciation to the school in hopes of providing others with the similar opportunities and experiences he received.

“If you are in the fortunate position to be able to donate,  I would encourage giving back to Notre Dame as it can help the school continue to maintain its top quality programs as well as provide the opportunities for others in financial need the chance they otherwise may not have to experience Notre Dame.”


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