A Tough Decision

Notre Dame on behalf of Orest and Iris Trotz

One of the toughest decisions a parent can make is to let go of their children, to let them leave the nest and be far away from the watchful eyes of those who love them most. The day we arrived at Notre Dame with our son Barry, we had those feelings. We had so many questions; is this the right place for our son? Who will take care of him? Will all his needs be met? Is this the right decision? We didn’t know that those thoughts were natural, and that day would change our lives as a family. But more importantly, we had no idea how it would forever change the life of our son.

Barry was totally embraced by the Notre Dame community. He loved the school, he loved the sports, and he loved playing Hockey as a Notre Dame Hound. While he was there, he grew as an athlete but, more importantly, he also grew as a person both spiritually and emotionally. When he left Notre Dame he had a full understanding of who he was and who he wanted to be. As parents we are so thankful to Athol Murray College of Notre Dame for providing our son with so much more than we ever expected. 

Orest and Iris Trotz
Proud Parents of Hound Barry Trotz


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