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Matthew Simpson - 91 HHH

Not a day has gone by since '91 that I am not reminded I am a Hound. Fast forward these years through all the ups and downs of life and I fall back on the foundation I gained in Wilcox. I am often described as very independent and a leader. I often wonder what it was at Notre Dame that transformed a kid from Toronto very dependent on assurance and validation to self assured and confident to lead in any situation. The demanding expectations of Notre Dame to always have heart, and never lose hope and struggle & emerge play out all these years later daily in my life. I am grateful to the school that shaped me through the long cold winter nights, endless bus road trips, demanding schoolwork, and personal foundation. HHH

Angi McGarry'80 - A Family of Hounds

The McGarry's never passed up an opportunity to support the Hounds. Angi's parents, with a combined 62 years of service to Notre Dame sent all five of their children to Notre Dame. Many of the next generation of McGarry children also continued the tradition of graduating as Hounds. 




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Larry Roine'63 - What Makes a Hound

Larry described the challenges faced by Notre Dame students nearly 60 years ago as an opportunity to develop strong character. Working as a team and relying on your schoolmates were vital components of living in Wilcox. But according to Larry, this would help develop the three main characteristics of what he believes makes a Hound: Responsibility, Sharing and Initiative. 

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Hounds Have Heart - David Kirkup'90

David Kirkup'90

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ND - A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Notre Dame on behalf of Jaden Schwartz

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Notre Dame is a Great School of Life

Notre Dame on behalf of Vincent Lecavalier

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Prairie Boy Hits International Homerun

Notre Dame 

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