Best Learning Experience

Notre Dame on behalf of Mike and Carol Sitko

Mike began his first teaching job at Notre Dame in 1979. He’d been told, “If you want to learn to be a good teacher and leader, then go to Notre Dame.” So he did, and in addition to just teaching, he was responsible for a dorm floor of boys and coached hockey, football and baseball. During our seven years living in Wilcox Carol worked with Lynne Kenney in the college Support Services office making life-long friends that became like family. Our first two sons were born there, and after we returned to Ontario to be nearer our families, we had two more sons. Our four boys grew up hearing stories of Notre Dame, and our oldest son Jon decided he wanted to go there for grade 11. He absolutely loved it, and was followed there by brothers Matt, Josh and Patrick. All of them are still in contact with the friends they made at Notre Dame, as are we. As parents, we deeply appreciate the job the staff do 24/7 in the absence of day to day parents. Today our boys are all fine young men – two with university degrees and two presently still in college. Through their hockey they’ve made life-long friends, and love to go back for reunions. And when Matt got married to Sarah, almost twenty Hounds came to share their big day! If you’ve never visited Wilcox, take some time and go see the place for yourself. We think you will agree it’s the best learning environment you can find for a young person today!

Mike and Carol Sitko
Kitchener Ontario
Proud Parents of Hounds Jon, Matt, Josh and Patrick


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