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Scoreboard Replacement Project - American Supporters

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The Scoreboard Replacement project is a Notre Dame National Alumni Association driven initiative to replace to the current scoreboard with a customized LED scoreboard complete with countdown clocks for all dressing rooms and time of day clock. By reaching the goal of $85,000, the full cost of the scoreboard as well as all installation will be covered.
The current scoreboard has been used at the College for over 15 years and while still functional; there are certainly limitations to its performance. It is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to replace parts and fix reoccurring problems.
During the season, the ice is used approximately 16 hours per day or 112 hours per week. With 12 hockey teams, the scoreboard is often used several times per day. 
Investing in the improvement of the Notre Dame Hockey program continues the College’s reputation as a top producing hockey program in Canada. The program continues to produce professional calibre athletes, attract scouts and fill the stands with fans. Notre Dame will directly benefit from an updated scoreboard as it would expand the current sponsorship opportunities by offering major sponsors prominent signage on the lower section of the scoreboard. With this addition, Duncan McNeill Arena will have a scoreboard to complement the impressive Olympic size playing surface.
The Scoreboard Replacement project will have an immediate impact on Hounds by creating a positive hockey experience for all Hounds.

For more information about this project or the Notre Dame Alumni Association, please contact:

                   David Kirkup

                   National Alumni Association Executive Board President      
                   Phone 204-720-4200
                   Email [email protected]