Alumni Weekend (Saturday, May 21)


Shuttle to Wilcox - NEW

If you're interested in hopping the shuttle from Regina to Wilcox, meet us at the front doors of the Hotel Saskatchewan or in the far north corner of the Southland Mall parking lot. This time may vary according to traffic. 

A Day in the Life of a Hound (Guided Tour) - NEW                                       

Beginning with a light complimentary breakfast and assembly at Varsity, we will walk you through an average day for today's Hounds. Along the journey you will visit with a few familiar faces, be introduced to some new ND programs and perhaps receive a special gift at the HoundShop. 

Lunch (Varsity)

Which ND tradition do you miss most? If it's grilled cheese and tomato soup Saturdays, this is your chance to relive your glory days. The cost of lunch is $10.00 per personal (cash and credit card available at door).

House Challenges (Around Campus) - NEW

Show us your House pride! Badgers, Choppers and Gunners from all different generations will work together to outperform and outsmart their competition. In a battle of wits and athletics, each house will benefit by utilizing all of their teammates - you never know whose experience will help win coveted Alumni Weekend trophy. Marauders can select which House they will like to compete with. 

3:30pm-4:10pm                   Spring Fling - Choir 
4:10pm-4:25pm                   Intermission
4:25pm-5:25pm                   Spring Fling - Drama

BBQ (Varsity) - A Tribute To Jimmy Williams        

This will be one of the first year's that Jimmy Williams will not be flipping burgers at the Alumni Weekend BBQ. Please join us as we pay tribute to Jimmy at this event as we share our favourite Jimmy stories and Notre Dame memories. Tickets can be purchased for $10.00 at the door using either cash or credit. 

ND Talent Show

For the first time in Alumni Weekend history, we are inviting alumni to participate in the Talent Show. If you want to impress your fellow Hounds with your skills, please contact us to make he arrangements beforehand. All participants and talents must be confirmed prior to the weekend.

Town Social (Town Rink) - NEW

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Alumni Association, we will be hosting a town social for the ND Community. Anyone 19+ is welcome to attend. Cash and credit card available at door.     

Shuttle to Regina - NEW                   

We want to ensure everyone arrives home safely so we will be providing a shuttle back to Regina this evening. 


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