Meet the Kingstons

When Mike and I moved to Calgary in 1995, we spent every Christmas attending the Mac’s Midget Hockey Tournament. We were always impressed with the Notre Dame Hounds and their sheer skill and determination. Fast forward to 2009, while returning from a family vacation we stumbled upon the town of Wilcox, and the sign that read Athol Murray College of Notre Dame. We had no idea that small town was the home of the mighty Hounds that we had spent the last 14 years watching and admiring. We drove into the town and walked through the Duncan McNeill Arena, enthralled with the banners and photographs on the walls. Driving home our son, Rhett, asked if we thought he could ever attend the School. That put into motion two years of planning and working toward this goal until finally, in August 2011, Rhett left home to attend Grade 9 at Notre Dame.

Our experience as an ND family has been one of joy, sacrifice and a true commitment to the whole experience of being a Hound. We believe in the developmental aspect of the experience and the importance of resilience and perseverance regardless of what obstacles one might encounter along the way. Our belief in “finishing what you started” is the foundation for taking pride in being
a 4 Year Hound.


The notion of giving back to the College is one that is near and dear to our hearts. A commitment to giving ensures the legacy of what Athol Murray College of Notre Dame represents continues. In this highly competitive age, Notre Dame is unique from other institutions because of its time-honoured devotion to excellence and its ability to develop our young men and women over a short period of time.

The need for families to support Notre Dame after their child has left, or as alumni, is imperative in order for the College to continue to grow, excel and flourish. Contributions can be large or small and given in many different ways; what matters most is the desire to give back so that others may have the same opportunity to experience the many facets of this renowned establishment. It is our responsibility to take the initiative to ask what we can do to help and to be creative in our ideas. A motivated collective group of Hounds “doing what they can” will ensure that others will be as fortunate to have the same ND experience.

As a family we feel that the Notre Dame experience has impacted all of us and that collectively we are Hounds.

Leah Kingston
Black Diamond, Alberta


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