Meet Laura Wiebe'14

My name is Laura Wiebe and I am from Leamington, Ontario. But in all honesty when people ask me where home is, I say Wilcox, Saskatchewan. I am one of the lucky students who can proudly say that I was a 4 year Hound. 

I truly had a life changing experience at Notre Dame and loved every minute of it. I love the spirt, the culture, the tradition, and most importantly, I love the people. I love the selflessness of the teachers and the hardships that make you a better person.

One of the best things about Notre Dame is that it gives you a purpose; a burning desire to be better. It teaches you what real loyalty and hardship are and why we can overcome all of them with friends and ND family by your side. You’re a part of something bigger than yourself-you’re a part of a legacy. 

When I left Wilcox I found myself missing the school, my friends and teammates, and even the Saskatchewan winters. Notre Dame is my favourite place on the planet and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to experience high school as a Hound.

I find it incredibly important to give back to Notre Dame so we can ensure students receive the opportunity to experience Notre Dame regardless of their circumstances. If not for the bursary I received, I would never been able to attend the school. I take pride in saying that I am a Hound.


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