Life Changing Experience

Notre Dame on behalf of Erin and Gerry Inglis

F or all three of our children Notre Dame was a life changing experience. Our daughter Aidan enrolled for grade 12 when she realized her priorities needed to change. She learned it was “cool” to be smart, and how to think big. Our oldest son Taylor enrolled when he was 13 for grade 9, and it turned his life around 180 degrees. His brother Cale decided to join him and also be a four-year Hound, and was Valedictorian and runner up for Athlete of the Year. All three learned personal responsibility, independence and self reliance. The unique mix of excellent academics, athletic opportunities and value based life lessons helped them channel their energies and strengths into areas where they could really achieve success. Aidan did her BBA at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, then her MBA at the University of Calgary, playing varsity basketball all the way, returning to Notre Dame each year to help coach summer basketball camps. Taylor did his BA at Concordia University where he played varsity football. He’s spent the last seven years in the CFL playing for the Edmonton Eskimos, and today is also a successful real estate agent. Cale did his BBA at Acadia, and then his MBA at the University of Regina playing varsity football throughout. He also returned to Notre Dame as a part-time house parent and mentor to give back some of the positive lessons he gained there. We are very proud of all three of our children, and so grateful to Notre Dame for providing the opportunity for them “to make something of their lives.”

Erin and Gerry Inglis
Proud Parents of Hounds Aidan, Taylor and Cale


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