Meet Pat Brown'95

pat_brown_grad.jpgSome of you may know me as a proud Chopper, RHL enthusiast and graduate of 1995! My name is Pat Brown and this is my first year back in Wilcox, joining the faculty at Notre Dame.

I’m sure every grade thinks they had a great graduating class but we had a great graduating class! That’s probably why I get so excited every time we have the opportunity to gather for a reunion.

I was living in Ontario for both of our reunion years but I still managed to attend both events. After visiting the School for our 10 year reunion, the seed was planted-I began considering returning to Wilcox and teaching at Notre Dame. But it was our 20 year reunion that solidified my decision. I was amazed that even after so much time had passed, being back in Wilcox still felt like home.

I would strongly encourage you to attend your reunion-in fact, some of you may have already heard from me. It’s a great chance to see classmates you haven’t seen in years, the teachers who inspired you, and visit a community that became your second family. I mean, where else will you find teachers that will remember you 20 years later?

As a staff member, I see firsthand how bursaries impact our students. I donate because I believe that giving starts at home.

I had a great time at our and can’t wait to celebrate our 25th  in 2020!

See you at Alumni Weekend!


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