What is the #HoundsFund?
What is the #HoundsFund?
Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is a non-profit organization which must rely on generous support from our family, friends and alumni. The Annual Giving Campaign, named the #HoundsFund, provides the backbone of support that allows students to flourish throughout their years at Notre Dame. Evidence of your support can be seen throughout the School in enriched academic, arts and athletic programs, enhanced facilities and equipment that all aim to enhance the students’ experience. Every gift counts and makes an immediate impact on Notre Dame.
Why are we asked to contribute annually?
With tuition alone only covering approximately 60% of the cost of a student’s experience at Notre Dame, more than 52% of current ND students are receiving financial aid. All donations received from the ND community are imperative to our goal of raising $925,000 for this year’s #HoundsFund.
Where will my gift go this year?
#HoundsFund opportunity – 85% of the 2015-2016 #HoundsFund goal will go to support the more than 52% of students at Notre Dame this year who are receiving financial aid.
#HoundsFund excellence – 15% of the 2015-2016 #HoundsFund goal will go to support the areas of greatest need at Notre Dame including tutoring, textbooks, specialized coaching, uniforms and more.
How can I give a gift? Click here to donate today.
Meet the #HoundsFund Team
Let us introduce you to the #‎HoundsFund Team. They are a small group of donors in the ND community who believe in Notre Dame and would like to ensure students receive the opportunity to enjoy the ND Experience. Please click on the pictures below to read their stories.















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